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your new FANTASY novel

Lhorne's empire spans the world and conquers more countries year after year.

Prysme, warlord of the empire, struggles since childhood against a terrible cold that devours him. Sent to rule the land of Kertyr, his meeting with Faniril, Incarnation of a barbarian goddess, inexplicably relieves his suffering for a time.

Faniril, The Mage, Lover of his Goddess and twice widowed, is frozen in adolescence. His meeting with the foreign regent marks his return to Kertyr after years of wandering and overwhelm. It is time for him to assume his charge and accept his status as a divine incarnation.

But the evil which devastates Prysme seems to affect the vassal countries of the Empire and begins to impact Kertyr.

To discover the origin of this evil and have a chance of defeating it, Prysme and Faniril will have to come to an understanding, to face monstrous enemies, to deal with awkward deities, and to try, perhaps, not to die.

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