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L'Uni: Prysme et Le Mage/ Unity : Prysm and The Mage

Genre: Heroic fantasy.


Summary :


Lhorne's empire spans the world and conquers more countries year after year.


Prysm, warlord of the empire, struggles since childhood against a terrible cold that devours him. Sent to rule the land of Kertyr, his meeting with Faniril, Incarnation of a barbarian goddess, inexplicably relieves his suffering for a time.

Faniril, The Mage, Lover of his Goddess and twice widower, is frozen in adolescence. His meeting with the foreign manager marks his return to Kertyr after years of wandering and overwhelm. It is time for him to assume his charge and accept his status as divine incarnation.


But the evil which devastates Prysm seems to affect the vassal countries of the Empire and begins to affect Kertyr.


To discover the origin of this evil and have a chance to defeat it, Prysm and Faniril will have to come to an understanding, face monstrous enemies, deal with awkward deities, and try, perhaps, not to die.

Paperback french version:

ISBN: 978-2-491990-00-8

Dimensions: 24.4 x 17 cm; 536 pages.

Price: € 22

French version E-book:

ISBN: 978-2-491990-01-5

Price: € 3.99

Avis et réactions :

À QUAND LA SUITE ?           

"Plusieurs heures de lecture que l'on dévore. Univers parfait pour un jeu de rôle. Personnage bien développé, scénario bien ficelé. Un auteur à suivre." 

_Gally du site Gallybulle_




Lhorne, quinze ans après la montée de L'Empereur sur le trône.

Menacée d'un mariage arrangée, Kadis la musicienne cherche à gagner son indépendance.

Un soir, une corneille la mènera à rencontrer bien plus qu'un employeur.


Retrouvez le monde de L'Uni dans cette nouvelle où l'on fait la connaissance  d'une jeune fille déterminée à décider de sa vie.

Version française E-book :

ISBN : 978-2-491990-04-6

Prix : 0,99€

Version brochée bientôt disponible à la vente.

Couverture Rouen, la ville dont vous ête

Reflexion: Short story from the Rouen la Ville collection of which you are the hero. Christophe Chomant editor. 2007.


Genre: Fantastic.

Summary: Maugis, a clueless student, hates Rouen without knowing why he stays there… or how he got there. From wandering the streets to incongruous encounters, he will realize the existence of a roommate who is very present, but not really alive.

Note: Book almost not found today. Maugis, a character lost in the face of a disturbing reality, for whom I keep a certain tenderness.

For the start of the 2021 school year, I am going back to the story and developing it more effectively.

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